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Rules english Empty Rules english

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:03 am

1 - The outfit must be created entirely by you.
2 - You can not buy an outfit and present.
3 - You can not presenter the outfit of another person.

4 - If you break the rules you will be disqualified.
5 - The outfits at present can not be AP.
6 - The outfit to presenter should be in your store!!
7 - The image must be 500 x 500
8 - We will tell the mesh to drift.

The presentation is very important!

In your image must include the following:

* A background.
* The name of your imvu avatar.
* The skin should be appropriate for your outfit. EVERYTHING COUNTS! (SKIN, ACCESSORIES, HAIRSTYLES ALL ACCOUNT!!)
* The images must show the outfit in front and behind. (You can add other images OPTIONAL)

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